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New Motor Installation Services

New motor installation is also a technical task that requires a person with the correct knowhow and experience. Mainly the motor consists of two parts; the motor gear which is mounted on the sprocket shaft and the motor assembly mounted on the inside of the frame. Unlike the broken spring which must be replaced, if the motor is not functioning properly, you may only need to replace a single part. Failure to attend to motor issues you will need a new door installation. If the torsion spring is broken, the door may open slowly and make some noise when opening or closing. The torsion spring is under very high tension and you shouldn’t replace the spring yourself. Call Ridgewood garage door repair in New York to come and do the repair for you. We have experts who understand how the spring works and are equipped with the best tools for spring replacement. A broken If you want garage door repair in Ridgewood, call us today and we will help you save money by repairing only the malfunctioning part of the motor. New motor installation is a process that involves the following technical steps:

  1. Buying the right motor for installation- The power of the motor depends on the size of your garage
  2. Disconnect the existing motor- This should be done when the door is closed and the power turned off. This is to ensure safety. This is a complicated step and should only be done by experts.
  3. Disassemble the old motor- This will be necessary if you are replacing one part of the motor. Attention is required here to note how the motor parts have been connected. One can use a manual to be sure.
  4. Installing the new motor- You will use the screws you unscrewed at step 3 above to install the new motor. Once the motor has been put back in place, all moving parts should be lubricated before switching on the power.

Garage door repair in Ridgewood experts will run a test to ensure that the motor is operating properly and is safe.

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